The Team

  • Nicola McGuirk - Group Managing Director

    Nicola is MD of the dar lighting group. With over 20 years at the helm her support has been pivotal in bringing David Hunt to the forefront of innovative lighting design. Nicola is an advocate of British manufacturing and is always investing in new manufacturing techniques and procedures that can better service our products and clients. Throughout the group Nicola promotes a strong ethos of best practice and excellent customer service.

  • Andrew Cooper - Managing Director

    Andrew joined the David Hunt team in early 2013 as our Managing Director. With a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a career spanning both Operations and Engineering Management across the Oil & Gas, Mobile Telecoms, and Weighing Industries, Andrews background makes him well suited to running our daily operations, promoting strong team values and developing skills and processes.

  • Hollie Moreland - Creative Director

    Hollie joined David Hunt as Brand Manager in 2011, becoming Creative Director in 2017. She is responsible for new product design and development, art direction and exhibition design. Having studied at Parsons School of Design Paris and with a background in photography, product and graphic design, Hollie is close to every aspect of the creative process . She previously worked for clothing retailer Joules and is fastidious about accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Stephen Hillman - Product Manager

    Steve is our go to guy for all things production related. With over 22 years service at David Hunt he knows a thing or two about lighting design and manufacturing. If you have purchased a David Hunt fitting you can guarantee that Steve will have had a part in its creation. Steve is the one who takes a design concept and creates a final product. We have yet to ask Steve a question about resin he has not been able to answer so extensive is his knowledge of the production process.

  • Sarah Lister - Group Contract Director

    With over 20 years in the lighting industry, as both a retailer and distributor, Sarah has the experience of being on both sides of the industry. Sarah has created some of our most successful ranges at David Hunt because of her knowledge of customer needs and market trends. She has been the driving force behind our in house shade manufacturing facility and is currently developing The Light Shade Studio brand.

  • Kevin Quint - Procurement Manager

    Kevin is responsible for purchasing the thousands of components required to make our many designs. He has been a part of the team for 17 years and his knowledge within the industry is essential to our Brand. Kevin is always on hand to help us develop our designs and ensure that we are working with suppliers who are flexible to our many bespoke needs.

  • Rolandas - Electrician

    Rolandas joined the team in 2012 as our onsite electrician. He assists extensively with bespoke installations and exhibition projects, most recently he installed one of our bespoke Antler pendants in a client home in Scotland.

  • Jonathon - Hand Paint Artist

    Jonathon has extensive experience in achieving our hand painted finishes and has been a part of David Hunt Lighting for almost 32 years. His face may be familiar as he is featured in our Brand video, showing how he perfects the hundreds of painted products that he works on daily.

  • Paul - Moulding

    Paul has been a part of the team since 2005 and his extensive knowledge of our products has greatly helped us to develop our manufacturing techniques. Paul understands our resin products inside out and he often assists with our design process, giving fantastic ideas of how to mould specific detailing.

  • Andrew - Engineer

    Andrew has been our engineer for almost 23 years and one of his key responsibilities is to handcraft our ironwork; creating statement pieces such as our Orb. His skills and knowledge help us to evolve our ironwork designs and he's always on hand to help us to develop our innovative manufacturing techniques.

  • Alex - Moulding

    Alex works in our moulding department, which is where the early stages of our handmade process begins. Working with raw materials, Alex creates the moulds to produce the many familiar designs that you see on our website. Alex joined the team in 2016 and does a great job of helping to bring our many collections to life.

  • Charlie - Polisher

    Charlie joined the team in 2017 and has a natural ability to learn and develop the skills needed to polish various components of all shapes and sizes. One of the most well-known pieces that Charlie polishes into the familiar finish that you'll recognise, is our Hopper Table Lamp.

  • Angela - Product Assembler

    Angela joined the team in 2013 and her role is pivotal to ensuring that each product is carefully assembled and ready to be tested. Each day, Angela will work with various handmade components and assemble them into finished products; some are more sizeable than others, such as our 32 light Bailey.